Kirsten Eriksen

Senior Consultant

+64 4 499 9450

Kirsten is a Senior Consultant with extensive experience in providing business analysis and change services for a wide range of business and IT projects. She helps clients understand their current position, work out the gap between that and where they want to be , and deliver the change required to realise their vision. She is passionate about empowering businesses to effect real change

Kirsten was drawn to analysis because she felt compelled to improve the status quo. She takes great delight in having a positive impact on her clients, the IT industry and New Zealand society as a whole through the work she does.

She has experience in:

  • Workshop facilitation
  • Business process modelling and management
  • Requirements management
  • Business analysis and systems analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Requirements
  • User Experience Design
  • Service Design/Business Design
  • Business rules
  • Scrum Mastering
  • Analysis team mentoring

"For me, it's about empowering organisations from the inside, to effect real change. If I can walk away from an assignment, leaving them in a better position than where they were when I started, then that is success."

Kirsten is a Certified Scrum Master, and was the third person in New Zealand to achieve International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Certified Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA).

Kirsten has presented at the New Zealand Business Analysis Development Day Conference, and served a term as Secretary for the IIBA New Zealand Chapter.

When not working, Kirsten reads avidly, and practices mindful creativeness, through crochet, both pursuits she can do while supporting her husband Greg in his various sporting activities.



Examples of Kirsten's work

Business analysis and business change
  • Analysis leadership for a private sector process automation project

    What we did: Leading the analysis effort for a project to deliver a tablet application to replace a previously manual process. Activities included leading the analysis function, requirements management, QA of requirements documentation, stakeholder management, and delivery team liaison.

    Deliverables: Analysis leadership and delivery.

  • Asset management application analysis for a central government agency

    What we did: Providing business analysis services for an asset management application project for a central government agency. Activities included business process documentation, workshop facilitation, system function analysis, implementation decision making support, and application training documentation.

    Deliverables: Business process documentation, requirements documentation, and training documentation.

  • Customer process documentation for a central government agency

    What we did: Developed process documentation for customer processes for a central government agency. Activities included customer focused processes, process maps, requirements gathering and stakeholder interviews, and process automation requirements.

    Deliverables: Detailed process documentation and solution requirements for three customer facing business processes.

  • Lead analyst on customer application for a private sector organisation

    What we did: Equinox IT led the analysis effort as part of a project to implement a customer facing software application. Activities included leading the analysis function, preparing business process documentation, eliciting and managing requirements, preparing user acceptance documentation and analysing solution implementation options.

    Deliverables: Business process documentation, requirements documentation, user acceptance documentation and system configuration.

  • Lead analyst, Scrum Master and coach for a central government programme

    What we did: As part of a major business change programme, involving 20 projects and numerous stakeholders, Equinox IT led the team of analysts, providing analysis coaching and upskilling, and undertook Scrum Master responsibilities. Activities included leading the analysis effort, requirements management, QA of requirements and analysis deliverables, requirements workshop facilitation, stakeholder management across client and sector, introducing the Scrum approach, undertaking Scrum Master role, leading business design for sector wide data collection initiative, and coaching business analysts.

    Deliverables: Programme wide and high quality requirements deliverables, data collection conceptual design, upskilled business analysis team members, and Scrum delivery approach.

  • Operationalising new legislation in a central government agency

    What we did: As part of a programme to operationalise new legislation, Equinox IT helped policy team members understand the operation impacts of the legislation. Activities included mapping the legislation to operational processes and procedures, creating operational license and permit type maps, facilitating policy and implementation workshops, providing decision advice, coaching client’s internal analysis staff.

    Deliverables: Process maps, operational documentation, workshop findings, permit register requirements and options analysis, applicant guidance documentation, and internal analysis review findings.

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