Recorded webinar: Using Agile techniques to manage risk more effectively

Rowan Bunning presents a recorded webinar 'Using Agile techniques to manage risk more effectively

This 45 minute recorded webinar will show you how to use Agile techniques to manage risk more effectively

Hosted by Equinox IT and presented by Rowan Bunning, Certified Scrum Trainer, Scrum WithStyle (Equinox IT's Scrum training partner).

We all know that the 'Waterfall' approach has dominated our IT projects for many decades. What is less well known is that its inventor warned the world in 1970 that Waterfall is "risky and invites failure". From a risk management perspective, is Waterfall ever an appropriate choice for complex IT initiatives given what we know?

By contrast the Iterative Incremental Development (IID) model, which we more commonly refer to as Agile, now includes many powerful risk management techniques.

In this 45 minute recorded webinar Rowan will talk about Waterfall and Agile from a risk management perspective, and then discuss a number of practical risk management techniques used in Agile.

The following topics are covered:

  • Water-fallicies
  • Validating business hypotheses using Lean Startup
  • Outcomes over outputs using Impact Mapping
  • The new risk-reward game using entrepreneurial Product Ownership
  • More minimal than Minimal Viable Product using Story Mapping
  • Iterative Incremental Development as a risk management strategy
  • The potential of Potentially Shippable Product
  • Increment Ways of managing risk using the Product Backlog
  • Expressing uncertainty explicitly with estimates
  • Forecasting using Burndown charts
  • Sprint level risk management
  • Raising your 'bus factor'
  • Hypothesis and Experiment Driven Development.