Building the digital backbone for transformation

by Ray Cooke on 29/07/2016 10:00

Your organisation may be looking to go through digital transformation. And by digital transformation I’m not talking about a routine project to automate a current manual process, but fundamental change to the way you deliver value to your customers or community through disruptive technologies such as social, mobile, analytics, cloud and internet of things (SMACIT).

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The future of IT business analysis – moving from ‘what the business needs’ to ‘what the customer needs’

by Kirsten Eriksen on 13/07/2016 10:00

I can’t remember the last time I interacted with a real person at the bank for a “normal” transaction. Digital Transformation is here, and further along than we might realise. As the world continually evolves around us, we must also evolve to stay relevant.

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Caroline Wardrop joins Equinox IT as a Senior Consultant

by Brendon Livingstone on 12/07/2016 10:30

Caroline Wardrop has joined IT consultancy Equinox IT as a Senior Consultant specialising in Agile coaching and training. She will be based in Equinox IT’s Auckland office.

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Overcoming your legacy system Achilles’ heel when transforming your New Zealand organisation

by Brendon Livingstone on 06/07/2016 10:00

The challenge that many organisations face with the prospect of digital transformation is how to bend their existing legacy system or systems to meet the high expectations of today’s customers and communities.

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The role of IT in the digital transformation of New Zealand organisations

by Brendon Livingstone on 30/06/2016 10:00

As this Google Trends graph shows, internationally there has been a surge of interest in ‘digital transformation’ over the last year.

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