Jasmin Wilkins

Principal Consultant

+64 4 499 9450

Jasmin is a Principal Consultant with a passion for helping business understand what kind of change will really deliver value for them in the short and long term.

Sometimes a targeted solution for now is the best option, sometimes thinking strategically about platforms and operating models is what we need to do.

Whatever our businesses are facing, well facilitated conversations about what matters, why it matters, and when it matters are essential.

With a strong background in a business operations, analysis, and management, and a good understanding of relevant business frameworks, she helps our clients think strategically and digitally, architect business change, analyse business problems and solutions and take a customer view. She loves to help organisations think differently about where they need to be and the changes required to get there.

Jasmin has 22 years of IT experience covering a breadth of technical and business focused roles. She has experience in:

  • Digital strategy
  • Operating models
  • Change management
  • Business architecture
  • Business intelligence
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Project management
  • Business process modelling
  • Requirements management
  • Business analysis.

She regularly represents Equinox IT at the MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) summer session at the MIT Campus in Boston.

"I keep up to date with all of MIT CISR's latest field-based IT research on topics such as digital strategy, digital ecosystems, transformation, digital workplace, and operating models. I combine this research with my own practical experience across many New Zealand organisations to inform and support clients, helping them to make the good business and IT decisions."

Jasmin is also one of Equinox IT's certified instructors, delivering a range of training courses.

Jasmin is the Secretary of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) New Zealand Chapter and is actively involved in regular business analysis events.



Examples of Jasmin's work

Business analysis and business change
  • Enterprise business analysis services for a central government organisation

    What we did: Working with the client to analyse and document the structure and nature of the business, governance and support models, and scope a new programme of work. Working with a single business unit to determine the strategic direction of the wider function of the group, and the technology vision to support integration of disparate programmes within the group. Working with a business group tasked with delivering a new service to determine the approach, IT requirements, business processes, and implementation plan. Eliciting, analysing, and documenting the broader business in order to deliver IT change to meet business needs.

    Deliverables: Programme documentation, business unit strategic documentation, operational models, business process models, and requirements documents.

  • Establishing a business analysis practice for a central government agency

    What we did: Leading the establishment of an EPMO business analysis practice. Created an action plan for the team to develop a community of Practice and deliver consistent, quality analysis outcomes. Communication through meetings and workshop facilitation to gather the input required, and seek buy-in. Working closely with the practice members and stakeholders to deliver a sustainable, consistent, improvement of processes and outputs from the BA Practice.

    Deliverables: Business analysis practice with standardised processes and outputs.

  • Intranet information sharing recommendations for an oil sector organisation

    What we did: Working with the client to identify the business needs and drivers underlying requests to implement an Intranet to share information. Interviewing a range of regional stakeholders to understand their information access requirements, assessing the current environment, and providing a report and recommendation for business change.

    Deliverables: Business change recommendations report.

  • Project Server analysis for a utilities organisation

    What we did: Working with the client to review the planned scope and business requirements for the second phase of implementation of Project Server functionality. Interviewing a range of stakeholders to understand their portfolio management needs in the context of the client’s wider environment and processes. Documenting the context and scope of the planned work, and the revised requirements aligned with Project Server capabilities.

    Deliverables: Scope and requirements documentation.

  • Web services analysis for a central government agency

    What we did: Working with the client to specify web services to be integrated into third party applications to allow access to identity and enrolment information. Establishing a method for determining and specifying services, planning and facilitating sector-facing workshops to determine business needs, and documenting the services for third party consumption.

    Deliverables: Web services specifications, specification method, and business needs documentation.

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