Matt Johnston

Principal Consultant

+64 9 307 9450

Matt is a Principal Consultant with a focus on technical leadership, solution architecture and analysis. His considerable experience and professional approach makes a valuable difference to clients, where he defines processes and designs solutions that enable them to commit to major projects.

With many years experience in IT, Matt helps clients with:

  • Technical advice, recommendations and decision making
  • Solution architecture for applications and technology
  • Project dependencies and strategy
  • Communicating business and software systems through models
  • Business and process analysis.

Even a list like this under-represents Matt's true capability. Equinox describes Matt as the ultimate consultant. Clients rely on Matt to help them make vital decisions across a diverse array of IT problems and challenges.

"I keep getting involved with new business initiatives and technologies, and innovative people - it certainly makes work interesting! Some familiar types of problem surface again, and sometimes successful solution ideas from the past are the best to reuse. But the challenge is to identify the essence of what needs to change, and the best combination of people, process and tools to achieve this."

Matt has worked across a breath of industries including telecommunications, utilities, primary industries, education, health, finance, science, petroleum, software and government.

He is also an Equinox IT certified instructor, delivering training courses on analysis and architecture.

Matt holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Victoria University of Wellington. He is a member of the IT Professionals New Zealand.

In his spare time Matt ventures into the mountains and explores NZ's coasts.



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Image: Walking down to Rock Burn Valley by Tomas Sobek, used under Creative Commons License CC BY 2.0.

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