Mike O'Neil

Client Consultant

+64 4 499 9450

Mike is a key part of the Equinox Client Consulting team. He is an enabler of client initiatives, matching requirements with the services and people from Equinox IT that will most likely contribute to success. Mike is valued for bringing a pragmatic approach and for helping clients navigate away from potential problems. Mike is seen as a leader by his peers and as a consultant by his clients.

Mike has 31 years of experience in engineering, service delivery, project management, business unit management, account management, consulting and system training. His engineering background contributes to his pragmatic and planned approach to work. He has strong capabilities in:

  • Hardware and software engineering
  • Sales management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Programme and project management
  • Bid and contract management and business case development
  • Business start-up
  • Transformation and change management
  • Event management
  • Commercial business general management

Mike has been with Equinox IT for over four years and manages many of our major client accounts. He maintains an active interest in the client work we do, with a focus on ensuring our accounts are well managed and we deliver high quality work.

"People buy off people they trust. I can look my clients in the eye and know we've done good work for them and they've gained excellent value from our involvement. It is that level of satisfaction that underpins my commitment to Equinox IT and our clients."

Mike holds a Trade Certificate in Radio and Electronics and has held the Microsoft MCP certification. He fondly remembers the days of changing capacitors in monitors and maintains that Windows 95 was the operating system to end all operating systems.

Outside of work Mike is a keen cyclist, preferring skinny tyres to fat ones on gravel roads. Mike has successfully competed at many road, mountainbiking and cyclo-cross events. He feels threatened by his son who at a young age already shows more talent than Mike did well into his post teen years.


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