Shane Ross

General Manager Sales and Customer Experience

+64 4 499 9450

Shane is part of the Equinox IT Senior Leadership team as General Manager Sales and Customer Experience. Amongst other things he helps expose our clients to new ideas through organising presentations and events, he understands problems and connects clients with people who can help, and he builds enduring relationships based on shared interests and values.

He has 27 years of IT and client management experience which has included various technical and business consulting, leadership and management roles. He has strong experience in:

  • Sales management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Programme and project management
  • Bid and contract management and business case development
  • Business start-up
  • Transformation and change management
  • Sales coaching and mentoring
  • Event management
  • Commercial business general management

Shane has held a variety of positions at Equinox IT including Account Manager, National Sales Manager and General Manager. Historically he has managed consulting teams, held technical pre-sales roles, delivered in a technical capacity and has been a certified instructor for various technical courses teaching people how to administer systems and take on software development.

"My experience with consulting is that people work with other people they know and trust. That extends not just for those delivering the services, but right through to every single person involved in the interaction between the client and the supplier. My role is to make sure that we deliver what the client needs. This includes ensuring that we are the right organisation for the client, confirming we have the right people available at the right time for the work, and validating with the client that we have delivered the right result."

Shane is actively involved in the New Zealand IT community. He established the local Software Performance Management and Architecture group in Wellington in 2015 and previously helped establish the Wellington Chapter of the New Zealand Analytics Forum. He is on the Board of NZRise.

Shane holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration majoring in Business Administration. He also has a post-graduate Diploma in Information Systems and is still misguidedly proud of the certifications that he has held in Lotus Notes Administration and Applications Development. He was the first Level II Certified Instructor for Lotus Domino Applications Support and Systems Administration in South East Asia and Oceania outside of Lotus Corporation. Something that he still does not accept should not be talked about in public.

Outside of work Shane has two teenage boys who are now far more active that he is, and he is heavily engaged in their sports and communities. Shane has a strong interest in sports event management and is the originator of a number of ‘not for profit’ sports events still running in the Wellington region.



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