Beating burnout (myths, insights and strategies)

Labelled an "occupational phenomenon" by the World Health Organisation, burnout has become one of the most significant on-the-job hazards facing workers today. It's prevalent, pervasive and widely misunderstood.

Often considered an individual weakness or a failure to handle workplace stress, the reality is that burnout points directly to workplace environment and culture issues.

After reaching new highs during the Covid-19 pandemic, recent New Zealand research shows burnout rates remain stubbornly high at nearly three times pre-Covid-19 levels. New Zealand workers are more likely to suffer burnout than any other country.

So, what can we do?

In this webinar, Principal Consultant Robyn Tyler shares her experience as a leader navigating workforce burnout and what she learned along the way. Robyn draws from industry experts to share research-based insights into the causes of burnout, bust open some common myths that hold us back and explore what we can do to prevent and manage burnout.

From this webinar you'll gain:

  • An understanding of what burnout is and what causes it.
  • An awareness of who is most vulnerable to burnout and why.
  • Familiarity with strategies that can help prevent and manage burnout.
  • Knowledge of how to further your learning.

Robyn has written a three-part blog series on this topic: Beating burnout: What it is and what causes it?

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