Successfully Transforming When Change Is Hard

Change is hard and doesn't always work out. Many of the organisations we engage with have tried to transform before, but this can be enormously challenging in complex environments.

We believe that business transformations can and should succeed, and with over 25 years of working on change projects, we understand the factors critical to success.

Why Transform?

Successful organisations continuously adapt to better meet today's needs.

Your organisation needs to adapt faster than ever before, front footing technology advancements, embracing new ways of working, preparing for natural disasters and responding to pandemics.

We bring the factors critical to successful transformation

  • We get clear on your why, vision and purpose
  • We plan and manage fundamental areas of time, cost, quality, value and risk
  • We co-create with your people, involving them in the change
  • We put your customer at the heart of your process 
  • We help you deliver the right technology platform results that you need.

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Paddling in a New Direction With the Five P's

Taking a partial approach to business transformation is high risk. We follow our Five P's framework, ensuring we're covering the important bases and managing risky areas. 

Equinox IT's Five P's to Business Transformation

As shown by the orange arrow, we take an iterative and incremental approach to deliver small successes and early wins and then scale up once success is proven. The framework allows us to rapidly adapt as necessary when needs inevitably change during the transformation.

Five P's Description
Purpose Creating the climate for change, we work with you to understand your why and vision for the transformation and determine your feasibility and business case for proceeding.
Plan This stage is fundamental to ensuring you manage areas where the business transformation could come undone - time, cost, quality, value and risk. We help you to establish governance, programme and project management, procurement, metrics and suppliers.
People Your people are critical to the success of your business transformation and we involve them, working together to co-create the change. We help you to engage your people through capability assessments, human-centred change management, and coaching and training.
Process Business transformation often requires new ways of working and you'll want to bring a customer perspective to the heart of your processes. We help you to map your customers' journeys, design new services, improve your processes and quality assure the outputs.
Platform Technology is central to any change today, and as an IT consultancy we work with you to make the right technology decisions, architect solutions, develop software, configure packages, integrate systems, deploy new platforms, manage new services and quality assure the outputs.

When We’re at Our Best

While we're happy to talk to you about any business transformation initiative, our experience is best suited to complex technology-based business transformations. Examples may include:

  • Digital transformation, including digitising services and improving customer experiences
  • Delivering technology programmes
  • Exploring new operating models
  • Business analysis to define the change an organisation requires
  • Solution architecture to design technology solutions and support technical decision making 
  • Adopting new ways of working across teams
  • Developing, implementing, and deploying systems and technology platforms
  • Independent quality assurance of transformation projects and programmes
  • Technical quality assurance of code-bases, technical practices, applications and technologies
  • Resolving tough business and technology problems.

Our team includes experienced principal and senior consultants with specialist expertise in business analysis, service design, change management, solution architecture, software development, Agile and DevOps approaches, and cloud platforms.

Human-centred change - co-creating change together

Start by Assessing Where You Are Today

With all of our business transformation engagements, we start by assessing where you are today. This is one rapid cycle through our Five P's - Purpose, Plan, People, Process and Platform to understand your current situation, capability, gaps and issues. We use this to prepare recommendations and a roadmap to successfully deliver your business transformation.

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Tim Woollands, Client Consutlant, Equinox IT Wellington

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