• All-of-Government Web Services Panel supplier for eight web services categories
  • Common web platform and web standards expertise
  • Full stack development and integration capability using the latest tools, technologies and Agile approaches
  • Microsoft Gold Partner for DevOps and Silver Partner for Application Development
  • Ultimate flexibility with short and long-term assignments and Agile, DevOps and MVP approaches.

You're a government agency... We're on the panel

For government agencies we deliver all of the web services you need in one place. We're an All-of-Government Web Services Panel supplier approved for eight web service categories:

Category: Front-end development

  • Front-end web and mobile development using de jour JavaScript and 'native' libraries, including Angular and React JavaScript development
  • Common web platform and web-standards compliant development
  • Ultimate flexibility with Agile, DevOps and MVP approaches
  • Back-end systems integration

Category: Back-end development

  • Full stack, integration, server-side and cloud (Azure and AWS) development
  • Ultimate flexibility with Agile, DevOps and MVP approaches
  • Microsoft Gold Partner for DevOps and Silver Partner for Application Development
  • OWASP and NZISM security compliant development

Category: Native application development

  • Native mobile user interface design and iOS and Android development
  • Secure cross-platform development
  • Back-end systems integration
  • Mobile Device Management configuration

Category: Information architecture

  • Supporting usability, findability, search and navigation
  • Content inventories, sitemaps and annotated wireframes
  • Measuring effectiveness using web analytics and heuristic reviews
  • Analysis approaches to organise and label content

Category: Content design

  • Web content strategy development in collaboration with your teams and subject experts
  • Writemark Best Plain English Website award for our own website
  • Content design informed by analytics, user research and user experience
  • Search engine optimisation

Category: User insight

  • User research, persona development and customer journey mapping
  • UX design and prototyping
  • User story and agile requirements
  • Usability and user experience testing

Category: Application testing

  • Functional, usability, unit, integration, load and performance testing
  • Test automation (including NUnit, Selenium, integration and end-user)
  • Security best practices

Category: Ongoing technical support

  • Technical support, application fixes and upgrades
  • DevOps deployment
  • Cloud migration and application integration
  • Code quality reviews, maintainability reviews, and independent technical quality assurance

Find out more about the All-of-Government Web Services Panel.

Common web platform and web standards

With capability across all of the Common Web Platform technologies we deliver websites and applications that are powerful, reliable, secure, accessible and easily maintained. We ensure your application meets NZ Government Web Accessibility and Web Usability standards and other accessibility, usability, security, architecture and code standards.

Latest tools, technologies and Agile approaches

We train our clients on Agile and Scrum approaches and we're recognised by Microsoft as a Gold Partner for DevOps. We're our own best case study with proven development teams using Agile, Scrum and DevOps approaches to rapidly deliver the highest value to our clients.

Our technical specialists are using today's current technologies for mobile and web application development, including:

  • Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), .Net, .Net Core and Entity Framework Core
  • Apple Xcode and Android Studio
  • Angular and Angular material
  • Nginx and Node.js
  • Apache Cordova and Ionic
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, JSON and Twitter Bootstrap
  • Cucumber, Jasmine, Selenium, Protractor, Rollbar, Nightwatch.js, Karma JS and Istanbul.js
  • Azure, Logic App Service, Application Insights and Resource Manager Templates
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • WS02 and Ansible
  • PowerBI

Microsoft Gold Partner

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner for the DevOps and Cloud Platform competencies and a Silver Partner for the Application Development and Cloud Productivity competencies. We're well placed to develop mobile and web applications using Microsoft technologies and the Azure platform.

Not another design agency - we're deeply technical

Equinox IT is not another website design agency - we're a deeply technical IT consultancy, with a long and successful history of developing and supporting complex software applications, web applications and websites for our clients. We do much more than the pretty stuff that many suppliers like to do. We deliver quality software and web applications to our clients using modern Agile and DevOps approaches and the latest technologies. We'll use suitable Common Web Platform technologies, databases, integration approaches, CMS platforms, and other current technologies to deliver a mobile or web application that meets your complex needs. We'll architect security, performance and other non-functional requirements into the solution from the start.

We 'do' and 'review'

Equinox IT consultants are engaged both to ‘do’ the work for clients as well as review work done by others, and guide and mentor clients in doing work for themselves. We are often used as an independent organisation to quality assure work of other vendors. We provide specialist and supplementary expertise, often in a leadership or subject matter expert capacity. Our consultants are adept in effecting knowledge transfer to client staff, and are highly qualified with an average of over twenty years IT experience. We fully guarantee their work.