• Proven mobile and web application development teams delivering results for clients today
  • Leaders in Agile and DevOps development approaches
  • Deep technical expertise in the latest technologies and platforms
  • All-of-Government Web Services Panel supplier for eight web services categories
  • Common web platform and web standards expertise
  • Microsoft Gold Partner for DevOps and Cloud Platform competencies
  • Microsoft Silver Partner for Application Development and Cloud Productivity
  • Long and successful history of developing and supporting software applications, web applications and websites for our clients.


Harness mobile and the web to accelerate results

You need to harness mobile and the web to transform your organisation, provide new models of work, support convenient customer and citizen experiences, and reduce operational costs.

We can help.

Equinox IT is not another website design agency - we're a deeply technical IT consultancy, with a long and successful history of developing and supporting complex software applications, web applications and websites for our clients.

We deliver quality software and web applications to our clients using modern Agile and DevOps approaches and the latest technologies.

We have the right people, capability and services to help you harness mobile and the web to accelerate results in your organisation.

You're a government agency... We're on the panel

For government agencies we deliver all of the web services you need in one place. We're an All-of-Government Web Services Panel supplier approved for eight web service categories:

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Native application development
  • Information architecture
  • Content design
  • User insight
  • Application testing
  • Ongoing technical support.

Find out more about the All-of-Government Web Services Panel.

Common Web Platform expertise

With capability across all of the Common Web Platform technologies we deliver websites and applications that are powerful, reliable, secure, accessible and easily maintained.

Web standards adherence

We ensure your application meets NZ Government Web Accessibility and Web Usability standards and other accessibility, usability, security, architecture and code standards.

Latest Agile approaches & development technologies

We train our clients on Agile and Scrum approaches and we're recognised by Microsoft as a Gold Partner for DevOps. We're our own best case study with proven development teams using Agile, Scrum and DevOps approaches to rapidly deliver the highest value to our clients.

Our technical specialists are using today's most current technologies for mobile and web application development, including:

  • Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), .Net, .Net Core and Entity Framework Core
  • Apple Xcode and Android Studio
  • Angular and Angular material
  • Nginx and Node.js
  • Apache Cordova and Ionic
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, JSON and Twitter Bootstrap
  • Cucumber, Jasmine, Selenium, Protractor, Rollbar, Nightwatch.js, Karma JS and Istanbul.js
  • Azure, Logic App Service, Application Insights and Resource Manager Templates
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • WS02 and Ansible
  • PowerBI

Microsoft Gold Partner

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner for the DevOps and Cloud Platform competencies and a Silver Partner for the Application Development and Cloud Productivity competencies. We're well placed to develop mobile and web applications using Microsoft technologies and the Azure platform.

Front-end, back-end, and full-stack development

With a deep technical competency in software development we do much more than the pretty stuff that many suppliers like to do. Sure we'll give you a nice web user interface that is mobile responsive, easy to use and complies to web standards.

But what sets us apart is our ability to pragmatically deliver the complex and technical stuff that others can't. This stuff often sits in the back-end. We'll use suitable Common Web Platform technologies, databases, integration approaches, CMS platforms, and other current technologies to deliver a mobile or web application that meets your complex needs. We'll architect security, performance and other non-functional requirements into the solution from the start.

We develop native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Get the application you need

Aside from our development capability we deliver a range of activities to ensure that your mobile or web application is what you need. These activities include:

  • Project management and Scrum Masters to manage the work and the development approach
  • Systems analysis and user insight to understand your audience and their needs and represent system requirements to be developed
  • Application testing to validate your needs are met, resolve bugs, fix usability issues, and remove performance bottlenecks
  • Information architecture to conduct customer and user research, structure your mobile or web application, and maximise the user experience
  • Content design to prepare useful and optimised content in plain English for your audience
  • Ongoing support to maintain your mobile or web application over time by applying patches and updates, resolving bugs and delivering agreed enhancements.

What you can count on:

  • The right skills – we'll deliver the required capability for your mobile or web application project
  • Quality – all deliverables will be QAed by other Equinox IT team members
  • Brain trust access – our people have a direct line to the Equinox IT brain trust to get advice on project challenges
  • Hit the ground running – we've worked with many organisations and government agencies and we retain our knowledge to deliver value immediately on new work
  • Smooth sailing – while we're straight shooters, we pride ourselves in being a good bunch of people who are honourable and easy to work with
  • Integrity – we stand behind our work and deliver on our commitments.