MicroServices for a small island

by Graham Pohl on 11/09/2017 10:00

In New Zealand the scale of most solutions, and the dev teams working on them, are tiny compared to global software companies. Yet many developers, architects and CxOs I work with, want to do things 'because Netflix does it' – especially when it comes to MicroServices.

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Dependency Inversion vs Dependency Injection vs Inversion of Control vs Programming to Interfaces

by Simon Havenith on 05/05/2016 10:00

Sometimes it's important to differentiate

In this post I’ll discuss a few Design Patterns in common use by software developers and solution architects, which I’ve found to regularly cause confusion. This post is primarily directed at practitioners with some intermediate knowledge of these patterns since the context would help, but it will hopefully also help those just coming into contact with these concerns and provide a useful foundation.

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Enhancing continuous delivery with blue-green deployment

by Kosta Hahladakis on 19/04/2016 10:20

In my role as an Equinox IT senior consultant specialising in solution architecture, I am often asked by clients to help with technology decisions and implementations.

In a recent assignment, as part of an Equinox IT team working with a client, we identified an opportunity to improve the client’s deployment process to better fit a continuous delivery approach. The Equinox IT team comprised of an enterprise architect, two very experienced Java software development specialists, and myself as solution architect.

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