Sustaining our new ways of working

by Kirsten Eriksen on 08/04/2020 10:00

This article is republished from my original Sustaining our new ways of working​ post in LinkedIn.

Most of Equinox IT has effectively been in lockdown since we did our Remote Working test a little over two weeks ago. As we approach what is hopefully the midpoint in this phase 4 lockdown as a nation, I can see a few things coming through, references to Groundhog Day are pretty blatant, but there are also many more subtle signs that it's becoming a bit of a strain. This isn't good for anyone as at a minimum we have two more weeks of this, and most people agree, likely more.

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Helping your team try new Agile practices

by Kirstin Donaldson on 29/04/2019 01:30

Are you looking to adopt new practices, potentially Agile or DevOps practices, in your team?

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Change always fails - Lean Change brings a new way

by Kirsten Eriksen on 28/08/2018 10:30

Why does change always fail?

It’s a bold statement and one that I bet a lot of you are already arguing against in your head. But think for a minute, when was the last time you were involved in a change that actually delivered what it was supposed to?

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