Transform your team's behaviour with a working agreement or culture canvas

by Kirsten Eriksen on 01/05/2020 11:00

This article is republished from my original Transform your team's behaviour with a working agreement or culture​ post in LinkedIn.

Side note: I wrote this article just before New Zealand entered lockdown. In the weeks that have followed, I've been keeping in touch with the person whose situation I describe, and working remotely has, if anything, intensified the issues they are experiencing. I was going to wait to publish this till we were back in our offices again, but from what I've observed now more than ever, we need the structure the activities below describe. 

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Building the digital backbone for transformation

by Ray Cooke on 29/07/2016 10:00

Your organisation may be looking to go through digital transformation. And by digital transformation I’m not talking about a routine project to automate a current manual process, but fundamental change to the way you deliver value to your customers or community through disruptive technologies such as social, mobile, analytics, cloud and internet of things (SMACIT).

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5 models to help your New Zealand organisation become a digital superstar

by Jasmin Wilkins on 19/09/2014 09:38

In a rapidly changing and increasingly digital world you and your organisation need models and frameworks to help you succeed.

Equinox IT is the only New Zealand-owned IT consultancy that sponsors the MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (CISR). In June I had the good fortune to represent Equinox IT at the CISR summer session in Boston, USA. The summer session had the theme of ‘Generating Business Value from Digitization’. During the session I heard the latest MIT CISR industry-based research findings from leading IT thinkers such as Peter Weill, Jeanne Ross and Erik Brynjolfsson. Topics covered included total digitisation, the future of IT, business architecture, big data, business analytics and the relationship between business and IT.

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Understanding the options for the next generation enterprise

by Ian Attwood on 04/09/2013 10:57

Dr. Peter Weill, addressing Equinox IT consultants in August, talked about his research into Options for Next Generation Enterprise.

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MIT's Dr Weill presents on creating a vibrant digital ecosystem

by Brendon Livingstone on 30/08/2013 10:48

MIT's Dr Peter Weill presents on creating a vibrant digital ecosystemOne of Equinox IT's core values is 'knowledge exists to be shared'. So last week when we had Dr Peter Weill, Chair of the MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) in Wellington, we got him to share his research findings on digital ecosystems at a free event hosted by Equinox IT together with the Wellington City Council.

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