Integrating Tableau into your application

by Richard Leeke on 12/09/2014 08:44

I’ve blogged several times over the years on various aspects of how we use Business Intelligence tools to visualise the mountains of data we accumulate in the course of our Performance Intelligence practice assignments. Even the practice name of “Performance Intelligence” reflects the vital role that such tools and techniques play in deriving insights from all of that data to allow us to get to the bottom of the really hard system performance problems.

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A risk based testing approach for business intelligence reporting solutions

by Dilip Cheerala on 27/03/2013 04:04

Business Intelligence reporting solutions are built to report and analyse data from data warehouses. They can vary in size and complexity depending upon the needs of the business, underlying data stores, number of reports and number of users.

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NZIER Tourism Dashboards using Tableau

by Dilip Cheerala on 08/01/2013 02:01

As an experienced Data Architect, I have started using Tableau software to visualise data. Tableau has been used extensively at Equinox in the past for visualising performance testing data, and you can see some of our experience with this tool in the various posts from Richard Leeke in this blog.

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Visualising spatial data using Tableau

by Richard Leeke on 22/04/2012 02:49

Recently I’ve been having a bit of fun exploring ways to visualise spatial data more effectively. I’ve long been an enthusiastic advocate of data visualisation techniques and I also have a lot of background with spatial data, having spent several years as the architectural lead on the Landonline project, which captured all of New Zealand’s land records, so combining the two interests seemed a natural thing to do.

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Visualising Lots of Data

by Richard Leeke on 10/10/2011 05:55

In a previous blog entry (Calculating Percentiles with Tableau.) I discussed ways to visualise the distribution of transaction response times and showed how a percentile chart and a scatter plot can provide a very effective and complementary pair of views of the same data.  In particular, I described how to make that viable with large datasets.

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