Recorded webinar: 'Agile Leadership - Interactive Q&A' with Michael Sahota

by Brendon Livingstone on 17/03/2017 08:30

Many thanks to Michael Sahota who yesterday ran an interactive webinar talking about the 'Certified Agile Leadership' course and answering questions that people had about Agile Leadership and about the course.

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Does the Certified ScrumMaster course cover scaled Agile?

by Mindi Clews on 14/04/2016 10:00

Does the Certified ScrumMaster course cover scaled Agile

At Equinox IT we partner with Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainers Rowan Bunning of Scrum WithStyle and Simon Bennett of LASTing Benefits to deliver the popular Certified ScrumMaster training course in New Zealand. We often receive a number of questions on this course and a recent question we received was 'does the Certified ScrumMaster course cover scaled Agile?' We'll answer that question in this post.

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Developing New Zealand’s IT skills to build a better future

by Paul Ramsay on 28/01/2016 10:00

As a proudly New Zealand owned and managed IT consultancy we are passionate about the development of our country’s IT skills. This was one of the key reasons behind our decision many years ago to provide training for IT professionals as part of Equinox IT’s service offerings. IT skills are fundamental to the success of New Zealand in the future. Having the necessary IT capability to compete as a nation is critical. This article explores the initiatives that are underway to develop better IT skills by giving IT professionals a better start, and how we can all chip in to create a better future for our country as members of the New Zealand IT community.

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12 smart ideas to keep your IT skills relevant

by Mindi Clews on 06/08/2015 10:00

As an IT consultancy and training provider we have always had a strong focus on IT skill development, both for our own team members and also for our clients. Each year we deal with hundreds of IT professionals and we regularly get asked for ideas on how to keep IT skills relevant. This is a great question in a world where technology skills can quickly become outdated. So in this article I suggest a number of ideas to help you be relevant and accelerate your career as an IT professional in a digital world.

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How much does IT training cost in New Zealand?

by Mindi Clews on 04/08/2015 12:50

Every year we have many hundreds of IT professionals attend public and in-house training with Equinox IT. One of the most common questions that people want to know when looking at training is ‘how much does IT training cost in New Zealand?’. This is an important question for any organisation thinking about training their people and getting value from that training. The answer depends on a number of factors, and these factors along with ballpark costs are outlined in this article.

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