What makes an effective business case?

by Paul Ramsay on 09/02/2016 10:00

When an organisation is making an investment decision for a project, they want confidence that the investment will deliver the benefits they are seeking. A business case sets out important information to help decision makers make the right investment decision for projects. However, the decision is only as good as the information that the business case provides. A better business case will lead to a better investment decision. To help your organisation deliver better business cases, in this Blab we discuss the question 'What makes an effective business case?'.

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What is the purpose of a business case and when would you use one?

by Paul Ramsay on 02/02/2016 10:30

Business cases are used in may organisations to seek approval for investment in a project. Often the business case will be approved when the benefits of proceeding with the project outweigh the costs and risks. In this Blab we address the question 'What is the purpose of a business case and when would you use one?'.

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Developing New Zealand’s IT skills to build a better future

by Paul Ramsay on 28/01/2016 10:00

As a proudly New Zealand owned and managed IT consultancy we are passionate about the development of our country’s IT skills. This was one of the key reasons behind our decision many years ago to provide training for IT professionals as part of Equinox IT’s service offerings. IT skills are fundamental to the success of New Zealand in the future. Having the necessary IT capability to compete as a nation is critical. This article explores the initiatives that are underway to develop better IT skills by giving IT professionals a better start, and how we can all chip in to create a better future for our country as members of the New Zealand IT community.

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As an IT consultant you need to know more than information technology

by Paul Ramsay on 26/01/2016 10:00

If you mention the role ‘IT consultant’ many will think of professionals who have a broad and deep specialism in IT and who can provide advice and direction based on this specialist skillset. While this absolutely is a fundamental capability, I’d suggest that it is only a part of what makes a great consultant and that other skills are becoming increasingly important. IT consultants today need to know more than information technology to be successful.

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Blab: How do NZ organisations maximise the opportunities from DevOps and Bimodal IT?

by Brendon Livingstone on 21/01/2016 10:00

We know that DevOps is about combining development and operations into shared multi-disciplinary teams to help organisations become more Agile as software can be built, tested and released in highly iterative and rapid ways.

We also know that Bimodal IT is a Gartner term describing the organisational practice of running a traditional, stable IT mode (mode 1) in parallel with a separate Agile, change-oriented IT mode (mode 2).

In this Blab we explore how these approaches can be used by addressing the question 'How do New Zealand organisations maximise the opportunities from DevOps and Bimodal IT?'.

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