How much do IT consulting services cost in New Zealand?

by Roger Dalgleish on 30/07/2015 10:00

From time to time we are asked “how much do IT consulting services cost in New Zealand?”

The answer depends on a number of factors including:

  • The nature of the problem
  • The skills and expertise required by the consultant(s)
  • The effort required to complete the work and the length of the engagement
  • The number of consultants needed to perform the engagement
  • The individual or company that is providing the service.

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How to pick an IT employer who aligns with your personal values

by Mindi Clews on 28/07/2015 10:00

As an Equinox IT team member it was rewarding to watch the way that our team responded to the severe flooding that caused havoc in Wellington, New Zealand in May of this year. As it became clear that team members who lived in the Hutt Valley and North of Porirua might struggle to get home, or needed to take action to pick up children, the team came together to overcome this problem. People who needed to were encouraged to leave early to take care of their personal circumstances and offers flowed in for alternative accommodation from those team members who lived in unaffected locations. At Equinox IT we do live by our core values, and this was yet another exceptional example of that.

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Public training vs in-house training – what’s best for your IT team?

by Mindi Clews on 21/07/2015 10:58

If you are looking to organise IT professional training for yourself or members of your team, then you may be wondering if public training or in-house training is more suitable. In this article I describe both types of training, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and when I recommend each is used. I hope that this will help you make the right training choices for your IT professional team.

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7 Agile development problems Large-Scale Scrum helps you overcome

by Mindi Clews on 16/07/2015 10:00

While agile development approaches are being used widely in New Zealand, it is clear that few organisations have prevailed in using these approaches consistently across teams to the extent that they truly achieve business agility. Organisations often find that inhibitors to business agility become more visible and more painful during Agile adoption. The root cause of many of these problems relate to the organisational context around the project, programme or Agile development effort.

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IT business analyst – what you need to be a damn good one

by Mindi Clews on 14/07/2015 10:00

Let’s start off by getting a little clarity. In this post I’m talking about IT business analysts who work in the thick of IT and software development projects. There are plenty of business analysts who add great value working with the business to produce business architectures, optimise business processes, and help analyse enterprise-level problems; BUT that’s NOT what we’re talking about here. Today we’re talking about the IT business analyst who is rolling up their sleeves in the details of tough IT projects, helping that project to deliver a specific result to the business.

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