Use modern software development practices, whether you’re Agile or not

by Ray Cooke on 25/06/2015 10:00


What does Agile mean anyway?

The umbrella term ‘Agile’ has become so overused and abused in the IT sector that I think it risks becoming meaningless.

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Getting outside your comfort zone makes you a better IT professional

by Brendon Livingstone on 23/06/2015 10:00

Sometimes people get into an IT role that they like, they establish a routine, and in time what they do today has the same comfort and certainty as what they did yesterday.

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Am I on an Agile project? – A litmus test

by Ray Cooke on 18/06/2015 01:00

You may be sponsoring or involved in a project that is calling itself an 'Agile' project. In this post I talk about the misunderstandings and confusion that often seems to surround the use of the word Agile in projects and I propose a quick litmus test for trying to work out whether your project really is 'Agile'.

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Do Agile teams really need a single Product Owner?

by Ray Cooke on 16/06/2015 10:19

‘Product Owner’ is a defined role in Scrum and is associated with Scrum and other Agile development projects. A team I’ve been working with recently, Team Jaguar, has made me re-evaluate Product Ownership as described in the Agile world. The experience has made me ask ‘do Agile teams really need a single product owner?’

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What all Business Analysts ought to know about documenting reporting requirements

by Nick Foard on 11/06/2015 11:24

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Earlier this week I was asked by a junior Business Analyst, “How do I capture and document reporting requirements?”

As I started to explain the process I realised that it was a skill I had learned on the job. In fact, a quick online search revealed there is no category in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) or specific business course that teaches the process. It’s little wonder that the documenting of reporting requirements is not well understood and not well executed, especially by inexperienced business analysts.

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