Helping your team try new Agile practices

by Kirstin Donaldson on 29/04/2019 01:30

Are you looking to adopt new practices, potentially Agile or DevOps practices, in your team?

In this short one and a half minute long video I share two tips for getting your team engaged.

As a very brief summary...

You may get some resistance when you introduce new practices, including new Agile and DevOps practices, to teams, and there are a couple of things that can help:

  1. Sell them the why - the benefit to them personally and to their team and the business
  2. Teach them some tools and techniques to achieve the new practice - often resistance can sound like "it can't be done", but what I find they mean is "we don't know how".

When it comes to story splitting, which is one Agile practice you may be introducing, I have been referring people to this excellent article 10 powerful strategies fir breaking down Product Backlog Items in Scrum (with cheatsheet) by Christiaan Verwijs. It's a great read.

If you have any questions relating to Agile, Agile teams and adopting new practices please include them in the comments below. We'll look to respond in the comments, and for some topics we might create future videos to explore the topic further. You can also contact me directly on my Kirstin Donaldson profile page.

Kirstin Donaldson is a Principal Consultant with expertise in Agile and leadership coaching and training, based in our Wellington office.


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