Ideas for growing Agile and DevOps in your organisation

by Bill Ross on 16/04/2019 10:00

Are you getting stuck trying to make Agile and DevOps work in your organisation?

In this short two and half minute long video I share ideas on why organisations get stuck with Agile and DevOps, plus tips for successfully making these approaches work.

As a very brief summary...

Making Agile and DevOps work is about:.

  • Processes and techniques
  • Tooling
  • People

The people and cultural considerations are often given insufficient attention resulting in teams or organisations 'doing' Agile but not truly 'being' Agile.

To succeed better with growing Agile and DevOps I suggest:

  • Starting with a single team, providing them mentoring and training
  • Giving them autonomy and ownership of outcomes, which will generate buy-in
  • Supporting them to succeed, fail (fast) and learn
  • Having them work in multi-disciplined teams with less silos
  • Snowballing growth as others see success in the first team and want to adopt and spread the approach wider

If you have any questions relating to Agile or DevOps please include them in the comments below. We'll look to respond in the comments, and for some topics we might create future videos to explore the topic further. You can also contact me directly on my Bill Ross profile page.

Bill Ross is Principal Consultant specialising in architecture and DevOps, based in our Wellington office.


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